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Club Membership - 2022

Application for 2022 membership with Midland Triathlon Club (MTC) is now available through the Triathlon Ireland (TI) website .


You can pay both for both your TI and MTC membership at the same time.


MTC Membership allows you to join club organised training sessions. It provides you with insurance cover in the case of an accident while training. It also gives you acess to a members only communications section where people can buy/sell gear and find a friend to train with. 


Note: Parents of MTC Juniors (<17 years) who join the club do not need to be a member of MTC  themselves to access club information. We have a dedicated parents communication page on facebook hosted by our Junior Officer.


MTC 2022 Fees

Adult Membership                                              €      25.00

Juniors Membership (<17 years)                      €        5.00 



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