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MTC Swim League

Open Water Season is here and MTC are kicking off the annual swim league.


Where : Lough Owel, Diving Boards

When : Every Friday 6:45pm

What : 350 swim course to right of the boards,

How the league works.

Swimmers are split into 3 groups - A,B,C

'A' group is set off first with 4 loops of the swim course

'B' group sets off second with 3 loops of swim course

'C' group sets off last with 2 loops of swim course

Points are awarded as follows

8pts,7pts,6pts are awarded to the 1st,2nd,3rd in each of the groups and 5pts are awarded to all others who participate.

Note :

  • Focus this year is on practicing sighting, drafting in race conditions

  • We will not be timing each swimmer as in previous years.

  • No of loops of the swim course may change depending on weather conditions etc

  • Mass starts and 1km swims will be done every couple of weeks

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